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Style Profile: Macy Stein

"Weekday Practical Mom, Weekend Glamorous"


 Macy Stein Style Profile


Today we're interviewing Chicago-based, Macy Stein, about her style transformation after becoming a new mom. She has a very put-together, effortless style that we know many new moms are looking to attain! Here, Macy shares her tips on wearing everyday jewelry in a practical way, and also how she kicks it up with statement pieces on the weekends.


Tell us a little bit about yourself

I grew up on the East Coast, with my family settling in the Midwest when I was a junior in high school.  I attended Miami University and currently live in Chicago with my husband, 13-month old daughter and dog.  I've been working for a media agency for nine years, with my current role allowing me to work from home several days a week.  For most of my life, I rode horses competitively and up through college spent most of my free time in the saddle and at the barn.  These days I still enjoy being active and spending time outside, even running the Chicago marathon a couple years ago.  


How would you classify your style?

My style has transformed a bit since becoming a mom!  I definitely gravitate towards the more traditional end of the spectrum, but dream about having the skill and style to pull off trendier pieces.  These days my daytime wardrobe consists mostly of active wear that's comfortable and washes easily, so dressing up for date nights and going out with friends is much more fun since I am allowed more options! 


How do you incorporate jewelry into your everyday style?

My everyday jewelry follows my overall style – simple and basic.  Though I have a pretty full jewelry box, I tend to wear the same things over and over every day.  These days it’s all about earrings and necklaces that don’t hang or drape, away from the pulling hands of my daughter.  I typically wear pearl studs, a simple necklace, watch and my wedding rings.  Nothing too fancy!


How do you wear jewelry to a formal occasion?

I love statement pieces.  These are definitely my favorite way to accessorize and I think really make an outfit and help you stand out.  I love necklaces and earrings that are conversation starters and think they take a simple dress to a whole new level.  


Are there any types of jewelry that you specifically love?

The past few years, I have been on a pretty big gold kick.  I still wear and have silver jewelry, but find myself gravitating more towards the warmth of gold jewelry.  As mentioned, I love statement necklaces and earrings.


What's your favorite Heirlume piece and how would you wear it?

I have the Dana Rebecca Lauren Joy diamond necklace and love it.  It is totally my style and has quickly become one of my favorite everyday pieces.   I also love the SBG Crystal Statement necklace and think it would be the perfect accompaniment to a black cocktail dress, or even with a blazer, white t-shirt and jeans.