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Style Profile: Rosie Powers


Today we're speaking with Rosie Powers, a journalist at ABC7 in Chicago. We love Rosie's style, which effortlessly blends modern styles with vintage pieces and mixes patterns and colors for bold looks. Rosie joins us to talk about her personal style, living in Chicago, and how she wears jewelry.


Q: Tell us a little bit about yourself

I'm a journalist, 24, with ABC7 here in Chicago. I love going to music festivals, shows and running/biking along the lakefront (when it's actually warm enough to do so). I love cooking and getting together with friends for drinks or to try new food in the city.

Q: How would you classify your style?

I really enjoy mixing styles from different eras. During work days, stylish comfort is my priority, as my job doesn't require a strict dress code. At night and on weekends I tend to be bolder. I usually try to incorporate some color or print into everything I wear. I'm a big fan of patterned scarves and pants. I try to mix modern but always with something old, whether it be an older-looking scarf or piece of jewelry.


Q: How do you wear jewelry everyday?

During work, I usually limit myself to stud earrings or a simple necklace. I wear two rings on my right hand everyday, one of which is a family heirloom.


Q: How do you wear jewelry to a formal occasion?

On more formal occasions during nights and on weekends, I'll wear larger, bolder earrings and/or a bracelet.


Q: Are there any types of jewelry that you specifically love or dislike?

I'd say that earrings are my go-to piece of jewelry; I have a couple piercings in each ear, so I enjoy mixing and matching pieces. For other types of jewelry, I like being bold with colors and patterns, but I don't like pieces that are bulky in size.


Q: What's your favorite Heirlume piece and how would you wear it?

La Costa's Green Opal Teardrop Shaped Earrings are one of my favorite pieces from Heirlume. My favorite color is green, so I love things that incorporate greens or teals like this. I love its shape, and it has a classic look that I really like.

You can follow Rosie on Twitter: @rosiepowers