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Style Profile: Anna Baun of A Lily Love Affair

Classic style with a trendy twist

Today we’re speaking with Anna Baun, a native Hoosier who came to Chicago and fell in love with the big city. When she's not running the show in her day job as a corporate director, she's a fashion blogger for her blog A Lily Love Affair. We talked to her about the intersection of fashion and the corporate world, her Indiana roots, and some of her favorite jewelry styles.


Tell us a little bit about yourself.

I am a Director for a large corporation in the Chicagoland area with a passion for associate engagement and leadership development. When I'm not attending meetings with executives, or entertaining clients, I am daydreaming of all things fashion and style.

I am a graduate of Indiana University and am grounded heavily in my Indiana roots (Go Big Red!), but my heart burns bright for the city of Chicago. For me, it's a magical place to be – full of sparkle and energy, culture, architecture, food, music, style and amazing people.


Tell us about your sense of style.

I would say my style is classic overall with pops of trendy items at both high and low price points.


How did you get involved in fashion blogging?

As a corporate girl, I am always working to incorporate my personal style, along with current trends, into my office attire while still remaining professional. After lots of encouragement from friends and co-workers, I started the blog as an outlet to share tips and suggestions on how to style for the boardroom while transitioning to the same stylish looks to evenings and weekends. The blog has become so much more over time, however. I really hope A Lily Love Affair is a place people can come to be inspired by not only fashion and tends, but other aspects of life as well  - home, family and travel. 


How do you incorporate jewelry into your everyday style?

You will almost never find me without a stack of timeless bracelets and a watch. I have a fairly extensive collection of classic timepieces and think they really help me build on my looks. Whether it be a great gold oversized watch or a classic black leather piece, I think they really help define my style.


How do you wear jewelry to a formal occasion?

I find I am more of minimalist when it comes to more formal occasions. I like one or two statement pieces that can really start a conversation, such a statement ring or bracelets. 


What are some of your favorite jewelry trends right now?

I’m a sucker for a great statement necklace. They really have a way of adding “wow” to any look! 


What's your favorite Heirlume piece and how would you wear it?

I have completely fallen in love with the Sofia Kaman for Kamofie collection. Her pieces are so unique and versatile. They can be dressed up for the office or a formal occasion or dressed down with distressed denim and a classic tee. I envision stacking them or wearing several pieces separately on different fingers. They’re just stunning! 

Check out Anna's blog at A Lily Love Affair.